Support for Military Veterans looking to Buy CA Land

by Laura Mueller For military veterans looking to settle down in California, two mortgage assistance programs mean there are options when it comes to financial support. VA-guaranteed mortgage loans, which are available to all U.S. veterans by means of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and state-specific CalVet mortgage loans, overseen by the California Department … Continued

Need a Fast, Cheap and Solid Structure for Your New Land?

So, you’ve seen, no doubt, those shipping containers that get stacked up on cargo ship and loaded onto train cars. Those steel structures designed to hold precious cargo and withstand ferocious Ocean storms are, it turns out, easy to buy. A 45’ long storage container in good condition can go for around $3500. They come … Continued

Property Taxes too High? Do Something About it.

Taxes are part of life in a civil society and Property Taxes are usually in that mix. BUT, there’s a couple things most people don’t seem to know that could cost them money on even their vacant land. Your tax bill is based upon the County’s assessed value of your property. The higher the assessed … Continued

Doing Your Own Due Diligence

A Clear Skies Primer in researching a property before buying. Not required reading but maybe helpful and provided only as a courtesy. Buying land does not need to be complicated. It can be simpler to buy undeveloped land where no lenders are involved than it is to buy a car. And yet, there are elements … Continued