Five Acres near Rosamond of Off Grid California Desert. Selling at Substantial Discount. Sold

  • $4,995
5 Acres of California Desert in Kern
Unassigned Address, Rosamond, CA, 93560
Rosamond, CA 93560
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5 Acres
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Here is your opportunity to buy up a large plot of land in the California Desert at an easy discount. It is also available with Seller financing: $775 down and $200 a month for 24 months with no prepayment penalties. This property is level if a little bumpy. It is not considered to be in a flood danger zone. It is not in a POA or HOA area. This is an area of quiet and solitude. It is located up against a Solar Panel field. As you can imagine that makes it silent and odor free. You’re simply not going to run into anyone or hear anyone’s chatter or sound system blaring hear - not even in the distance. This is zoned for residential use and if you look around on google earth you’ll see that there are a number of houses in this area - but at a pleasant distance. It is on private roads that are zoned for public access, but not maintained by County. Nevertheless, they are in adequate condition and it is accessible to ordinary vehicles and does not need a four wheel drive to get to it. Legal Access to this property is through the property to the south of it. The Grant Deed recorded in 1970 establishes legal access with the following language: “…a nonexclusive easement for ingress and egress to be used in common with others over the Southerly 55 feet and the Westerly 30 feet of the property described herein.” This is in document #170074409 signed Nov 10, 1970 and recorded Dec 3, 1970. It is also the case that this same property also has the same language in a concurrent deed also allowing Easement on the west 30 feet of this property. However, if you consider that the property to the North of this one has a fence along that border there would be no need for them to access this property, and so no one will have need to use the easement on this parcel. The assessed value for this property is $38,077. It was sold in 1991 for #36,500. Of course since it is now selling for such a small amount the assessed value will drop, lowering your property taxes. Another 5 acre parcel just a stones throw away sold in 2016 for $29,000. Another close 5 acre parcel sold for $32,000 in 2006 and for $11,000 in 2016. In other words, this property is being sold for a fraction of what it should sell for. Please call, text or email me with any questions. I’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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