Ten Acres of Pristine, Beautiful Off Grid CA Hi Desert near Havasu and Needles, CA Sold

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Here is an opportunity to place a homestead or a holiday home in a beautiful patch of pristine California High Desert. Located at 1900 feet of elevation and just under a half hour drive from lake Havasu and just over a half hour drive from Needles this is an unspoiled and wide open spread of land.

You need to stand on the land to see what I mean. The vegetation here is healthy and green. In addition to the ubiquitous Creosote Shrubs you’ll find Teddy Bear Cholla cactus, Ocotillo cactus and Red Barrel Cactus among others. There are plenty of large, level patches of ground here making for easy development with virtually no grading required. But it isn’t just 10 acres of parking lot flat land. Gullies meander through the parcel breaking up the land with changes in the terrain that at once will channel rain water away from your structures and also make for a much more visually interesting landscape. As you walk the land you will notice also the absence of something. This land is pristine and undisturbed. Having spent the afternoon walking the land I found one very old tin can and one very weathered board. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had been sitting there for a hundred years. You won’t find shards of broken glass, shot gun casings, auto parts or cigarette butts. In fact, you won’t find much evidence of human presence at all.

This parcel is at the far inside end of a residential development area that hasn’t seen any real development yet. It is bordered on the west and north sides by BLM land. It is part of the Chemehuevi Mountain Wilderness area. That means you won’t ever have neighbors on those side and no one will need to pass across the easements on your parcel. There is a road marked NS 432 (also called Sawtooth Mountain Access Rd) that runs through the parcel providing you will legal and physical access to your land. There is also legal access that runs along the southern edge of the development even though it has not been physically developed yet. Another very nice feature is that on the south-east corner there is a US Geologic survey marker. That marker coincides well with the GPS coordinates I have for the parcel. I have also put flags down marking where I (to the best of my knowledge) believe the NS 432 crosses the northern and southern boundary lines and also the three remaining parcel corners. I’m not a surveyor and those flags are put simply as a courtesy to assist people looking for the property boundaries. They are based on the GPS coordinates I have and the results of two GPS units I used. Feel free to contact me for additional information including maps and GPS coordinates that will help you find your way there.

I got excellent cell reception in this area. I had two bars with Verizon and was able to easily run my laptop off of my iPhone as a hotspot. I had clear phone conversations as well. In truth, even though this is an off grid area, off grid technologies are to the point today where you could easily enjoy the internet, power, water, etc… and give yourself the advantages of city life in a very remote and undisturbed area like this. I have a video posting in my blog on the subject of off grid living if you are interested.

County lists this parcel as being 10 acres but the plat map does not include measurements. If you enter the coordinates on Google Earth and then use the tools to measure the sides this comes to over 11 acres. That is not precise and only a surveyor could give a definitive answer, but I suspect this parcel is substantially over ten acres.

Please watch the video tour I’ve put together for a better sense of what this place is like. And don’t hesitate to call or text 760#283#7475 with any questions.

Pristine 10 Acres near Havasu


Unassigned Address on Sawtooth Mt. Access Rd
Needles, California 92363
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10 acres
For Sale
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Call Voice or Text (760) 283-7475 or email at Brian@ClearSkiesProperties.com for more details

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